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Desserts for Star Hotel
Today's 5 Star Hotel Industry is extremely competitive. Revenue increase is no longer one-man effort or a simple ad-campaign game. Do you take pride having the best Chef de Cuisine supported by top notch Executive Chef? Is it just enough to increase more revenue?

The board looks at you as focused F&B Director and appreciates your continuous effort to change menu to fetch more revenue. With savory, or staple dish, the drive is hard and might be sensitive to your clients feeling. Luscious Dessert is your best add-on. But how far can you go with simple bakery, cake or pastry? Think again.

We understand your challenge. Come and visit us with your Chef de Cuisine and his creative team. Today’s trend is fusion and twist. Butter chicken & samosa is already global. We are the first dairy based dessert manufacturer who will work side by side you and your knowledgeable team to develop a complete new line of dessert, which is impulse buy and rewarding. Enjoying a great unique dessert at your hotel would be a reason to choose you over others.

Our 100% dairy based desserts give extra taste, luxurious look and value to your menu. Create your own unique dessert menu for every food outlet. Add our signature items in your menu with your creative twist. It is really simple. Use some of our sweets as your dessert base. Just add ice cream, flavor, thick cream, and garnish with slices of seasonal fruit. Easy dessert plating, you guests will love to jump. Count on our years of experience with dessert development for star hotels and inflight catering.

Call us to make an appointment to get familiar with our dessert line and possibilities.

Add Dessert Sauce of Your Choice
Add Value With Ice Cream
Luxury Dessert With Sweets & Fruit