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Wedding Sweet Dala ( 4.4 )

Getting Married?
Take your relation to next level with class.
Earn heartfelt blessing and goodwill from your family, relatives and friends.

For all Pre-Wedding rituals like wedding proposal, Wedding Date fixation, Engagement, Wedding Invitation, Mehendi Evening, Haldi Program and then actual Wedding Ceremony or Wedding Reception, we have Sweet Gift Box, Sweet Platter, Sweet Dala (Sweet Basket) and Dessert Table.

What you will do?
Just choose your favorite sweet items, gift box size, wrapping paper, wrapping fabrics and ribbons as per your wedding theme and budget.

What we do?
Our wedding service division will create beautiful sweet gift box, sweet platters, Sweet Dala (sweet basket) and Dessert Table to impress your relatives and guests as per your budget.

Enjoy & have a wonderful dream wedding.

We accept walk-in Orders.
We recommend to place your customized order at least 7 days in advance.
All orders need to be paid in advance.
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