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Dessert Table By Premium Sweets

Dessert bars have taken the wedding world or any upscale party by storm! End your evening on a sweetish high note and we promise your party will be one your guests rave about for years to come. Dessert tables are going beyond the typical canned Gulab jamon or rice pudding way but elevating the sweet tooth into an absolute art form. Sure, offering Cake is customary, not to mention delicious! Getting creative with your dessert offerings is an art and symbolizes aristocracy.
We have been doing Dessert Bars and Dessert Tables for years now and love getting to try out new designs, tasty treats, and wow factor for your guests. Just talk to our Wedding Service Connoisseurs, whose eye for sweet design has made the dessert a center of attention in the wedding world.
Considering having a dessert table? Here are few examples of sweets done very right.

Premium Sweet Table

Create a sweet table combining most popular items like Raj Vogh, Kashmiri Chamcham, Vogh Sagar, Khir Toast, Hot Jilabi-Cream, Sweet Yougurt, Sohan-Rabri, Kaju Shondesh (Soft Cashew fudge) etc.

The Bite-Size Table

Cake pops, cupcakes, mini Rice Krispy Treats, fudge candies, macaroons, and tasty confetti bars made up spread of bite-size desserts and you can only imagine how big of a hit it is. Offer lots of little options so guests can indulge in a few bites of everything!

The Ice Cream Sandwiches Table

Now this is a dessert table we can definitely get behind! A build-your-own bar is always a hit at weddings, but we particularly love this idea for summer nuptials when balmy weather can definitely wear down guests. Offer a few delicious cookie flavors and plenty of cold ice cream so your guests can create their own custom treat

The Cookie Table

What's better than a soft, chewy cookie? Not much! Offer several varieties for guests to choose from, along with an assortment of coffee and tea, and this little dessert table will become a huge hit.

The Fruit Table

Fruit table is always popular. Our experience is, most of the health conscious guest tends to start with fruit table but eventually cherish the complete dessert table.

The Cupcakes & Brownies Table

What is more crowd-pleasing than an array of sweet mini cupcakes and brownies? They're a great addition to cake, sweets and fruits since you can offer tons of flavors. It's a great option for couples that want to have more dessert choices, but don't want to go overboard.

Premium Sweets Dessert Table
Booking Type
Advance booking only.

Sweets Selection
Sweets from our sweets menu.

Table Management
Managed by our experienced staffs.

Service Charge
Fixed service charge apply (Excluding dessert price).

Based on dessert selection, decoration and product quantity. (Plus Applicable Taxes)

Contact For Booking
+880 1759 115 124
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